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Casey LLC Take a Picture of My Long Casted Toes, It Will Last Longer! Publicing and Foot Play (HD 1920X1080)

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(English) Poor Casey is struggling along in public with her leg cast encasing her entire leg and most of her foot from thigh to toe. It's winter but she's had to cut off her jeans pants leg just to accommodate the stiff cast on her long leg, and she can't wear a regular shoe either. Her long toes stick well past the lip of her open cast boot, and she needs a large woolly black sock to keep her exposed cast foot at least semi-warm in the sock.... She struggles to the park where she finds a bench to prop up her leg and rest it rest it. Meanwhile an amateur with a camera can't believe her luck when she spots this tall sexy girl sitting on a bench in a fully exposed leg cast, and she can see even with the sock on her wiggling toes must be long the way they extend beyond the girl's boot. These will be great shots for her private collection and her raging foot fetish. Being a cute girl herself its always easy for her to approach others to innocently ask for a few photos and naturally Casey agrees. While she asks Casey to for a few cute poses while snapping photos in her cast and sock our girl photographer is plotting how to get that sock off to check out what she believes will be long cute toes on this tall leggy girl. Finally, she asks if she can take shots without the boot and sock an Casey agrees. As she suspects Casey's cute toes are SUPER long and perfectly pedicured. The photographer can't resist, and asking if they are cold, gets Casey to agree to a warm hand massage. The photographer can't believe her luck as she need her fingers between Casey's long cute toes massaging her toe cleavage. Casey looks relieved as well while her exposed foot is massaged which only gives the photographer more time to satisfy her foot fetish. When Casey wants to go the photographer convinces her to walk with her and even holds on to the sock and simply puts back Casey's cast shoe so she can still check out her long, cute toes. Casey can't reach her own cast foot, so she is grateful for the help getting her cast shoe back on and doesn't complain about the cast sock until her toes really get too long and the photographer is obliged to put her cast sock back on to. This is a "Must See" for long toe and foot play fans with nice, prolonged foot play closeups. Casey has some of the longest straightest toes we've shot! The clip is roughly half with the cast sock on and half with it off with a full good story line featuring two sexy girls.

LENGTH: 16 minutes
SIZE: 1251 MB
RESOLUTION: 1920x1080
UPDATE: 11/21/21
You will get a MP4 (1GB) file

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