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Seyamon *Med* SLWC "Guys are Checking Out My Casted Toes" Foot Play and Cast Talk (HD 1920 X 1080)

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(English) Seyamon must work in her medical SLWC and a single heel using one crutch for a cane to get around. The clip starts as Seyamon returns home after a long day and is confronted by a steep set of stairs to get back to her apartment. Once there she walks out on the balcony and puts her aching cast foot up to reveal the callous at the base of her big toe where the cast ends from walking around so many weeks in her cast, she massages her toes before calling up a friend to talk about her casted experiences and asks why so many guys check out her toes and like her casted foot so much. She talks at length about this while her cute little toes wiggle in closeup POV for the camera. She rests a bit more after the phone call before struggling down the stairs and past the gate to gimp out.

LENGTH: 13 minutes
SIZE: 559 MB
RESOLUTION: 1920x1080
UPDATE: 11/21/21
You will get a MP4 (939MB) file

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