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A Kick The Ads - Ebook & Audio Book Bundle

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If your marketing and advertising isn't bringing in the sales that you expect, you need A KICK IN THE ADS.

Ready to ramp up your sales? It all starts with your advertising and marketing message.

A successful ad is comprised of three parts:
An effective marketing message
Delivering that message to the right audience
Constant, consistent, relentless repetition
Most businesses get #2 and #3 above correct. But #1 - the message - in most marketing and advertising is usually a complete mess. The message is confusing, muddled, and usually buried under worthless words and phrases.

A KICK IN THE ADS focuses on one thing: fixing your marketing message QUICKLY, so YOU can start making SALES.

Each page is its own chapter, containing a marketing and advertising principle, guideline, strategy, or unbreakable rule. These are the same mantras I follow when creating any advertising for any business.

While it may not be the thickest book you'll own, it might just be the most powerful.

In fact, I advise you not to just skim through it. You should do a full stop at the end of each page, and think about how you can apply what's on the page to your particular situation.

A KICK IN THE ADS has over 50 of my personal rules and guides in it, which have generated well over $50 million in sales globally. 

But like anything else in life, this info only works if you apply it.

This might be the most unique marketing book you'll ever read...and want to have with you at all times.

When you get A KICK IN THE ADS, you'll never look at your marketing and advertising the same way again.

Just make sure to get your copy before your competition does.

p.s. There is a BONUS included inside the book (3 marketing and advertising strategy videos) that are worth $997. And they're INCLUDED with your copy of A KICK IN THE ADS.
You will get the following files:
  • MP3 (79MB)
  • PDF (791KB)

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