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INTERNATIONAL AWARD WINNER, 2019 (Toronto, Magnetic Entrepreneur Author Awards)

Tired of your ads not working? What if you have a tiny ad budget or none at all? Do you feel like you're wasting your time, energy, and money on commercials that get no response? It is time to fix your advertising, and get your business on the right track.

Tim Burt has 30,000+ (and counting) commercials to his name worldwide. He has had to write or produce commercials for just about every type of product or service imaginable. Everything from the intangible (a presidential campaign in Ghana (2016, where this candidate doubled their vote total in just their second election ever), to the tangible: airlines, million-dollar homes, all the way down to spaghetti sauce (and even more mundane.

If your ads aren't getting traction, odds are there are very simple - yet easily fixed - errors that business owners and marketers like you are making because you just haven't been told the truth about advertising. This book will tell you what the ad agencies don't want you to know.

You'll learn:

- Send The Wrong Message and You're Dead: What's the one thing your business is known for? It may not be what you think. Poll your customers, and you'll be shocked at the results. In your advertising, telling the world about your latest product is not always the best strategy.

- Destroying Advertising Myths And Stereotypes: Do your commercials contain both a phone number or address AND your website? This is a common (and KILLER) mistake. You'll discover why this is actually driving people away from your business.

- 10 Time-Tested Strategies to Achieve Exponential Growth: The brutal truth is nobody cares about awards and how many years you've been in business - except you. Don't brag to your audience, help them. You'll learn exact phrasing and methods to accomplish this.

Topics covered include:

"1+1+1=1": Learn how you can use Tim's go-to formula for your advertising, and implement it TODAY.

"The Counter-Punch": What do you do when your ads become wildly successful, and your competition notices? How will you react? This book tells you exactly what to do no matter your niche.

"The $20 Audience Test": Tim spent $20 on a social media campaign to double-check the target audience for a specific product he is helping promote. The results were not what he thought. Learn this powerful secret - and the surprising test findings. He'll show you exactly how to do this easy test for your social media advertising.

"Why Radio & Television Station Sales Reps Shouldn't Write Your Commercial": One reason...their main job is to make money for their employers - not you. You'll see how costly this can be - and how to avoid it.

After spending 25 years in radio broadcasting (the last 16 of those with CBS Radio), Tim decided to step away from corporate America, and go directly to you, the small business owner and marketer with his powerful, proven advertising strategies. These are designed to crank up your advertising - fast.

Tim Burt has generated untold millions of dollars for thousands of businesses around the world from the USA, to Belieze, Antigua and Mozambique. He's passionated about seeing small businesses like yours succeed by advertising smarter with confidence. Put "High Performing Ads" in your corner your advertising can finally become laser-focused, and more importantly, effective.
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