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The end of the universe will not be an accident.

It wasn't last time either. Or the time before.

Always the same destination…an extinction event

Can we finally break the cycle?

Or are we stuck in a simulation?


Mathematics professor Lawrence Chu is in love with professor Kassman.

One night he made a drunken claim that the central tendency of the universe suggested they kiss again.

The nonsensical argument that followed resulted in ...

...a breakthrough mathematical model...
...and a weapon.

This is a history of that weapon.

They are the Goodness Empire...

...they control 80% of the universe.

Don't let the name fool you.

It is an empire built on conquest and slavery.

Five former enemies now navigate a bumpy new era of cooperation.

Chiro is First Minister and head of the largest faction.

He is a ruthless leader and 80% is not enough for him.

Scientists are about to give him the weapon he needs to destroy the rebellion in the outer spiral arms.

Elaine McGee is a teacher in a slump.

Dark clouds follow her everywhere.

So she's making changes.

She's broken up with her lying, cheating boyfriend and quit smoking for a start.

She's in a tent out in the woods making a plan to turn her life around.

A weekend of fresh air and fresh starts.

Then the spaceship arrived.

Welcome to the Final War, Earthling.


Behind the matter/anti-matter barrier it is just another quantum physics experiment.

Remove the barrier and it will destroy the universe.

Then there is Bueller, part genius, part walking disaster and our best hope for survival. But her mating season is coming and that makes her more unreliable than ever.

An extinction event is coming.

Can the most improbable team ever assembled stop the end of everything?


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