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Was'was Cure Book + Manage your Mind Book + Cure Religious OCD (video Course)

 "Cure your Religious (Islamic ) Ocd "  is a Video Course which has specifically been designed to help those Muslims who are struggling with the Trouble of  Obsessive Thoughts  ( Images, memories, impulses ) . Especially those of us, who are applying the Religious cures but not getting any Benefit.  

If you are facing them, then you very well can relate to what I am talking about.   All of your  Obsessive conditions ( Images, thoughts,  memories, etc ) can be summed up under the definition of Religious OCD.    And this is more of a "Psychiatric" Condition, than a "Religious" one 

Although there can be countless conditions which a person can face, if he/she is undergoing the Religious OCD  episode but the most common conditions  are : 

1)   Disturbing /Blasphemous Thoughts   
2)   Purity / Contamination Related Phobias ( Always feeling impure, Countless Baths) 
3)  Extreme Guilt  & uncertainty about Your inner Spiritual State 
4)   Extreme Doubts ( About Purity or State of your Eema'an )  
5) Sexual Disorientation (  Am I straight or Bi ?, Am I a pervert ?  ) 
6)  Obscene  Sexual Thoughts ( About Sacred Relations, Sacred Personalities ) 


Trying to Cure these Conditions using the Methods of Curing general  Was'was is usually not useful since Religious OCD is Not a religious Condition.  It is a psychological Condition and it must be dealt with the proper psychiatric techniques.   This Course comprises of the Proven Psychiatric Methods which have been molded so that a Muslim can easily understand and implement them.  Moreover, inside the course, there are countless cases of  Muslims who got themselves treated from the Blasphemous thoughts, Purity issues, and Guilt challenges using the techniques that we have described in great detail. 

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