How to Own a Car on the Cheap (without sacrificing quality)

by Premier Automotive Resources

This eBook was written as an automotive resource for the layperson who wants to increase their knowledge to make good automotive decisions. Various topics are covered with active links to guide the reader to extensive follow-up information and research. Ebook length is 45 pages in PDF format.

Table of Contents


The Truth about Vehicle “Tune-Ups”

The Secret of Vehicle Longevity – Part 1

The Secret of Vehicle Longevity – Part 2

When to Repair your Vehicle

How Labor and Repair Charges are Determined

Is Buying a Certified Pre-owned Vehicle Cost-Effective?

"Factory" and "Aftermarket" Replacement Parts

Do and Don’t List 

Do-It-Yourself Section

Automotive Website Resources

A. New & Used Car Purchase / Vehicle Research

B. Auto Repair Information / Repair & Owner Manuals

C. Recalls/Service Bulletins (TSB’s) /Defect Databases

D. Vehicle History/Title Info/Vehicle Quality

Manufacturer Main Websites

Manufacturer Technical Websites

Additional Repair Information

Real Life Scenarios

Question and Answer Section

Recurring Vehicle Issues

The Lemon Law

Safety Advice

Concluding Thoughts

I hope this is an enjoyable reading experience for you. Your comments and feedback are encouraged. Thanks in advance.


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