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The more than four year long road, ends here. I want to thank all who I met along the path. Without you, this day would never ever had come. It´s because of your love, hugs, kisses, inspiration, warmth, motivation and existence that I made it through. 

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Mostly, I want to thank my own spiritual family in Bali. The family of Alvin Pendawa. 

Four years ago, when I reached the airport of Bali, for the third time. I prayed to God, in the Airport to find one of the largest Balinese families in Bali. 

I didn´t know where to start och where to find any such family, for all my anthropologist studies of hinduism and all their spiritual traditions, healing and ceremonies. But, I just started at one city. By, relaxing and drinking a little bit, swimming and having fun. I took my back pack, the next day. And, just walked into a very long ally. I just walked and walked. Until, I came somewhere. 

I saw a balinese woman. She was so beautiful. A, mother who worked there. So, I checked in. That family, was obviously the largest balinese family in Bali. I ended up there. In and out, of hell on earth. I hide myself there. They were witnesses to the hell story of my last four years.  

They are my biggest angels on earth. They are my saviors on the planet. My protectors, guards, angels and guiding stars. And, I want to thank them, infront of the whole planet earth. 

Thank you, to the mother of Alvin Pendawa. The most beautiful Queen on earth. Love you more than everything. 

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