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This book "Pardon me His grace is enough" is one of the series in books of grace. I have long noticed that many Christians do not understand the meaning of grace so many do not see the need to search for its essence. Many have been taught that grace is a gift that one receives unconditionally, but it is more than that, simply by the fact that grace is the power of God that enables one to be able to cope in difficult situations. We know that we here on earth are strangers and surrounded by many dangers every day. You yourself can be a witness that every time you hear the various reports of war and death that most people certainly think that it is natural for a human being to be born and to die. That was controversial but have you ever had the opportunity to wonder if all those events are the will of God. In the Old Testament we can witness people for whom the power of God was in them. The power of God was given to them as a testimony that God dwells in man, that man is safe from all evil. Consider David, for example. David fought many battles. He was able to kill the lion with his bare hands.  Many people are accustomed to quoting that perhaps David was so religious that he was able to kill Goliath but many people do not go in there to investigate the force that pushed the stone that killed Goliath. The power is what we call grace. Grace had favored David against Goliath.So this book has gone deeper to uncover the deepest truth about grace and to see the connection between grace and the power of God,Just as grace was for a few people God wished that in these times every human being would taste the grace. But there are criteria that make it either the grace or the power of God to enter into the creature. First, it requires readiness, secondly, understand its essence and third to believe in God as our power. That without his power we can do nothing.The book covers many things such as confidence, financial blessings, relationships, etc. Many people think that we should pray or work hard to do good deeds and grace should come to us. But God does not look that way as most people think, but God wants us to direct our faith toward Jesus alone. He is the one who enables us to receive that grace as a man who has given himself as a sacrifice by his blood. When we speak of grace it is not a matter of leveraging our consciousness, but we must take into account the restraint itself in recognizing our place in God, and the reason for our redemption.When God created man, he gave him complete authority over the creatures of the earth. Unfortunately the devil became jealous and decided to seize the power. But God is faithful, so He gave man a second chance through the last Adam, Jesus Christ. He has passed to heaven to restore us to our honor, which, by the mistake of the first Adam, fell upon us all under the curse of God. (1 Timothy 2: 5-6) We must come to the realization that grace is the key to every spiritual blessing, as it is written “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! For, in union with Christ, he has blessed us with all spiritual gifts in heaven. Before the creation of the world , God chose us to be His in union with Christ so that we would be holy and without fault before Him. Because of His love, God had always planned to bring us as His children through Jesus Christ. That's how he liked and kept me going. Let us praise God for his glorious grace, which he has given us in the beloved Son! ”(Ephesians 1: 3-6). Now that Jesus is in us, we have overcome the evil one. Through the Holy Spirit given to us, we are far from sin. And since we have that Spirit we must trust and believe in Him.

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