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…..Strange gothic like apparitions roaming the ruins of a derelict abbey....a sleep over party that reveals more than just the true champion of Xbox ones "Nukem Road"....and the accidental capture of an eerie night time sound not heard for over 300 hundred years, all lead young Barnaby to a strange antique shop where something completely unexpected awaits him.

When an iPad accidentally records an unfamiliar and eerie night-time sound, thirteen-year-old Barnaby Willoughby becomes convinced that the source of these strange sounds originate from something most certainly supernatural.
Eventually finding himself at the doors of 'The Bloody Cauldron,' a Gothic horror shop in town, he discovers that the owner, Lottie Durant and her sister Aimée, might not be all they seem and could possibly be hiding a rather sinister secret, especially when they present him with an old family diary.
Telling of a deadly plague, linked to the appearance of two strangely hooded figures, there is also a paragraph that mentions a mysterious child's toy, an antique doll that seems to foreshadow their arrival.
Encouraged to enlist the help of Julian Claridge, a rather flamboyant antiques dealer, Barny and his sister Ruby slowly uncover the whereabouts of the doll, a 300 years old child's toy named Lulu.
Containing the stolen memories of the deceased, those killed by the bitter cold London winter of 1664 when 'The Great Plague' swept London and taking with it 80000 lives, it becomes clear that they must find the doll at all cost… unfortunately they aren't the only ones looking….

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