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Wonderful videos - Your Guide to Video Basics for your Business

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Have you considered using video for your business? 🎥📲💪
Maybe it is to connect with your clients in direct calls or online courses. Or you want to create a series of visual content to bring out your unique personality and show off your expertise in a fun and engaging way.

But you’ve been procrastinating.
  • You are not really sure where to start and how to keep it going?
  • You just want to make a quick little instruction video but only have so much time to learn yet another new thing?
  • And how do you make it look professional and not just like a regular zoom call?
  • Can you use your laptop and smartphone or do you need a camera?

I have compiled an extensive guide on what to do to shoot professional looking video for your online presence. This way, you know exactly what to think about, what to tweak to get a more polished look and to shoot clean and good quality video that you can proudly publish.

  • You get a list of specific recommendations for various budgets
  • You learn the basics of setting up your equipment and video background
  • You see three different tech set ups for various beginner levels and how to make the most of them (without blowing your budget)

Remember, even the best equipment can’t make your videos great if you don’t know how to use it. Let me save you the headache of piecing all this together yourself and get the info in a handy downloadable guide.

⭐Read reader reviews here⭐:

“Stop getting confused with a bunch of sites and mixed information. Your time means MONEY! Annemarie has distilled all the juicy tips for us in this pdf. Just follow her simple steps. You’ll know how to start without spending money, or, if you’re ready to invest, how to make the most of it!” – Fernanda Sarmento

“I’ve been shooting video for years, but could never understand why it didn’t seem to measure up to other videos I was seeing online. Enter Annemarie! She showed me how to fix everything I didn’t know I was doing wrong - and she did it in a way that didn’t make me feel stupid or spoken down to. She knew what my problems were and crafted clear solutions without ever seeing any video I’ve produced.” – Katey Caswell

„Annemarie gives a ton load of tips and tricks about how to start up your own videos indoors. She’s price-conscious and provides brands and products that are useful. The only thing better would be to have the chapters accompanied by video tutorials by Annemarie.” – Lea Ramesar

“Absolutely loved this guide by Annemarie. In this guide, Annemarie addresses this concern and her tips are very workable. I know how I am going to use these “non-travel” days to improve my “on-camera” skills before I get to acing editing and promoting them. Thanks for a bite-sized, easy to understand course (loved the summaries in the end).” – Jyotsna Ramani
You will get a PDF (1MB) file
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