Annemarie Strehl

I’m Annemarie! (Yes, quite the long name. It’s German.) I’ve been diving headlong into making videos over the past five years, dabbling with different genres, experimenting with animations, giving coaching sessions and binge watching videos (for research, of course).


Because video is something so immediate, so evocative, so visual that it simply captivates. And that’s what I want to help you with! What if your amazing services, your epic products could be encapsulated in a pretty moving picture, sprinkled with extra goodness and fun?


Because no one wants another stale corporate-style video. Your business deserves better!


And you’re a busy life-changer, decision-maker and getting-stuff-done entrepreneur! Your time is precious. Which is why you can safely hand your footage that’s been sitting on the digital shelf for way too long. I’ll dust it off and really add that shine to make your clients go whoa!