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How To Eat Pussy Like a God

Okay, I won’t tell you to stick your tongue all the way in. That might not be your thing, which I totally understand. Nevertheless, I want to use this article to talk about a topic that 99% of guys claim to be so good at while 99% of guys completely suck at it.

How do I know?

I was one of them and I have learned to eat pussy from a few amazing women who all shared this one tiny secret with me that most men hate to admit:

Most men suck at eating pussy!

According to countless conversations with women I slept with, with women who have friend zoned me and with women who I asked an inappropriate question, such as “does he lick you good?” before they could even friend zone me, I know that this is true.

There are basically two reasons why men suck at this one endeavor that women love so much (believe it or not, but women love it as much as you love blowjobs):

Reason #1: Men all over the world don’t do it because they think that it’s not a big deal for women.

Reason #2: Men all over the world are scared to do it because they have no idea what they are doing.  

Well, it actually is a big deal and a lot of women would do anything to date a man who is good at something that millions of other men are terrible at. And yeah, I also totally understand why most men are so paranoid when it comes to the good old tongue on pussy game.

You don’t learn that shit in high school and I also doubt that your dad took you aside with a cupcake and said “look son, that’s how you eat pussy. Your mother loves it the way I do.” At least I hope that he never did that.

The good news is that you can learn to lose your fear and you can also learn to get good at it. Just like guys who suffer from approach anxiety can learn to approach women, you can learn to eat pussy like a god.

Today I want to help you to overcome your fear of eating pussy and to finally learn how to make women come with nothing but your tongue. 

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