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The Seahorse Prince's Mate - audiobook

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A Familiar Mates Novella

Read by Matt Stephens

When biologist Beau Evans goes on holiday to enjoy a week of snorkeling and diving, he isn’t planning to have a holiday fling…or for that fling to turn out to be his mate.

As first-born twin seahorse shifter Kai was raised to rule, not just beneath the sea but also run the seahorse land-based businesses that employs many seahorse shifters and enriches them all. Falling into bed with the hot guy who looks like he needs some fun was not supposed to end up with him being consumed by the mating heat and getting pregnant.

Now instead of doing what he loves, he has to disappear into the ocean for three months. Beau doesn’t know how to deal with a mate or the twins Kai carries, but he does know that he isn’t going to walk away, no matter how complicated things get with seahorse politics.

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