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Simple Blues Soloing System

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This is a soloing system I came up with for intermediate guitarists based on exploring the sounds of blues-rock improvisation which involves minimal theory, while focusing on concepts you can apply to your playing right away.

Here we dispense with scales, arpeggios and whatnot in favor of just 3 positions on the fretboard that will allow you to get a wide variety of blues-rock sounds under your fingers in no time at all. This is accomplished by focusing on a handful of intervals rather than endless scales, arpeggios and permutations; in other words, we’re going straight to the good stuff!

This book is aimed at intermediate guitarists looking for a practical yet musical approach to blues-rock soloing with concepts and ideas you can get up and running on the fretboard without having to wade through a ton of theory and scale patterns.

What’s more, there’s very little to remember as we learn how to connect sounds by starting off with a handful of notes and then navigating the rest of the fretboard with ease by connecting intervals.

If you’re a high beginner-intermediate guitarist, I think you’ll like this approach, especially if you’ve gotten stuck in scale patterns/pentatonics and find yourself playing the same things over and over.
You will get a PDF (2MB) file
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