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The book contains thirty short talks - talks that follow a six-week training programme from a group of actors' first hesitant meetings, through increasingly complex understanding of 'Self-With-Others', through to the ensemble’s final farewells. It’s a journey you are invited to share.

‘*Climbing The Mountain*’ is practical, anecdotal, philosophical, theoretical, spiritual, irreverent, poetic, informal, precise and - most importantly - written in the authentic voice of the rehearsal room. This is how we talk when we train, full of paradox, repetition, metaphor, contradiction, humour and life.

The topics explored include: Presence, Liveness, Spontaneity, Blockage, Reactivity, Improvisation, Physical Actions, Pleasure, Positive Feedback, Self-Reflection, Self-Acceptance, Attention, The Use of the Senses, Multi-Tasking, Self-Disicpline, The Repetition of Practice, Ensemble, Ethics, Easefulness and Personal Empowerment. These are building blocks for dynamic, powerfully live performance across art forms and aesthetics. The talks roam across history, disciplines and cultures, bringing everything to bear on the elusive task of being present in ones work in each transcendent moment.

‘*Climbing The Mountain’* offers the most authentic encounter I can give you (apart from having you in the room with me) with the Self-With-Others, the improvisational, principle-based psychophysical training that’s at the heart of all my work.

The nature of practice is this: however far you climbed the mountain yesterday, today you start from the bottom. Each day we must do our work, walk our path, learn what we are ready to learn. However well you know the mountain, you still have to climb it today if you want to get to the top today.

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