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The 8 Principles of Presence - (e-book)

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Invisible. Frustrated. Anxious.
You don't perform under pressure. You feel undervalued.
You can't find how to share your strengths, knowledge or authenticity.
You don't trust yourself to be spontaneous, so you over-prepare and worry too much.

That's not how things should be. You started life full of confidence, but lost it somewhere along the way. It's time to re-find what you were born with.
Confidence is not a set of tricks, it's a way of being. It’s a mindset you can learn.
Genuine confidence grows from authentic presence. It's being fearlessly open to the world around you.
There’s no need to freeze, flounder or under perform.
There’s no need to feel invisible
The journey to confidence is one you can start today.
You can change. You have everything you need to feel confident and authentic RIGHT NOW.

The 8 Principles in this book are tools to rediscover what you were born with: self-confidence and fearlessness.
This is a small book containing deep-level work - permanent, life-changing work. It will change how you experience the world  -  and how the world experiences you.

I've spent thirty years performing, teaching, directing shows and writing. I've worked from Melbourne to Mumbai, Seattle to Shanghai, Berlin to Bogota. I don't come from a 'confident' background. My parents came from poor and tough childhoods and taught me to 'keep my head down'. Whatever I have achieved - running organisations, directing productions, publishing books - I've achieved despite my upbringing, not because of it. I've learned to take my place in a world that was alien to me.
This is the knowledge I want to share with you.
It’s work anyone can do, though not everyone has the discipline and personal commitment to do it.
It's not about becoming someone else, it's about becoming who you truly are and boldly letting the world see you.

Confident, authentic presence is waiting for you.


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