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Transform Your Worry and Fear: Seven Secrets for Releasing Stress & Anxiety--and Finding Relaxation and Peace

If you're a person who has a tendency to think about the worst possible things that can happen, and you fill your hours with thoughts and feelings of the terrible and the awful, it's important to get a handle on your precious mind and emotions so that you can be a happier person.

Transform Your Worry and Fear! Seven Secrets for Releasing Stress and Anxiety –and Finding Relaxation and Peace is a book about how you can transform the patterns of your mind, the feelings in your body, and the direction of your life.
Easy to read and illustrated, it's a book filled with possibility.

You also receive a two-part audiobook mp3 so you can listen to this either as a meditation or as a book you can take with you anywhere.

If you worry about health, relationships, finances, work, the world or anything else--or you help people who do--this is the book for you. This book is made so that you'll be able to shift your patterns and calm your thoughts and feelings.

Here's what Yvonne Mitchell said about it:
"I just finished reading Marilyn Gordon's book Transform Your Worry and Fear! –and I love it! Everyone else will love it too. I took it right in to the laboratory of my current life. As I was reading, I began using those great remedies right away on all my worries. As I did this I had no other choice but to STOP WORRYING. It was great. It really works and there were so many practical and useful new techniques that I was inspired to make worry cessation a permanent part of my life. Thanks once again!”

Here are a few short paragraphs from Transform Your Worry and Fear!
"I grew up with a lot of worries and fears. We used to call my Grandmother "Calamity Jane" because she saw potential disaster everywhere: "Oh my God, you're going to fall, and if you do, oh my God, you'll skin your knees. So don't run so fast. And don't burn yourself on this stove. Be careful." So I saw fearful scenes everywhere. I had a children's picture book in which a dog had taken a chunk out of a man's leg, so I was afraid of dogs, and cats looked to me like the big-fanged cats of the jungle, so I was afraid of cats. And I was also afraid of driving a car.

"But fortunately, I learned powerful ways of overcoming all that, and I came to love dogs and cats and drive a car everywhere. And I also have taught people to overcome their worries and fears as well. I'm happy to be sharing powerful mindsets and techniques with you!”

Bring Your Mind into the Present Moment

"Remember that many fears are caused by the habit of your mind to leap into a negative picture of a worrisome future. The cure: Take your mind out of the worrisome future, and bring it back to right now. Notice when you're spiraling into a negative vision,and gently bring your mind back home to now. You might look at an article of your clothing, your hand, your body where it's sitting or lying down. Just bring your mind here, and the future that you've created out of fear can dissolve.

Keep on doing this, and you can shift your future itself."

There's a lot more--such as: the technique of Completion of old patterns, The new Faster EFT, special breathing techniques, several kinds of mind healing, wisdom, working with consciousness and spirit, and much more.

Here's what Matthew Engel has said about it:

"Marilyn Gordon has created yet another empowering eBook to support profound life transformation. The Stop Worrying program is a practical, 'how to' guide for anyone who wants to shift worrisome and negative thoughts and feelings into a wiser, more compassionate and more spiritually centered way of being in the world. This program is as simple to use as it is rich. This is stuff that I can really work with - and offer my clients." -Matthew Engel, MSW, CHt - Intuitive Life and Business Coach, Hypnotherapist, Radio Host

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