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Success in Microeconomics - A Concise Companion to Core Concepts


In this useful and concise economics e-book on fundamental microeconomic theories and concepts, you will learn 

(1) Clear and concise definitions to fundamental microeconomic concepts and theories, like the central problem of economics and demand and supply with elasticities,

(2) Effective yet simple step-by-step arguments to quickly construct a convincing case, either for or against any position, on a range of microeconomic questions on market structures and market failures 

(3) Many common market failures and how governments may or may not respond in some cases

(4) Commonly used, yet simply drawn economics diagrams, with clear-cut explanations that you can tap on effectively to analyse economic questions

(5) Useful, relevant, yet simple and concise information for producing strong economic analysis on a variety of relevant microeconomic issues

Most importantly, Success in Microeconomics can be used effectively as a set of simple yet clear-cut economics notes for easy memorisation for efficient success in economics examinations, which will give students an edge over others who have to wade through a mass of information and make sense of which components are more important.

With concise yet incisive economic arguments that are easy to understand, yet pack an impactful, powerful punch, with only the most fundamental microeconomic theories and concepts, this book can be used for effective examination preparation. It helps students prepare for examinations in a relatively simple, cost-efficient, effective manner. 

Furthermore, this useful e-book can also be used as an excellent complementary companion for supplementary reading, because it focuses on core microeconomic issues and useful concepts.

This book was kindly contributed by JC Economics Essays, a famous economics blog, to Sallyforth Enterprise.

Sallyforth Enterprise is a social enterprise which strongly supports social enterprises, volunteerism, and charity, through donating part of all proceeds to charity. Most of the beneficiaries are the underprivileged in less developed communities, women, and widows. Part of the proceeds from this book will be given to charity.

Thank you for your kind and invaluable support, which will go a long way to supporting the needy. 

In Success in Microeconomics, you will be receiving:

Pages: 80 pages including cover pages
Chapters: 27 chapters
Edition: 1st Edition
Details: Full colour; high resolution; with economics diagrams where relevant

Thank you for your kind support!

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You will get a PDF (2MB) file

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$ 7.99

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