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Get a Life! 1 Self Assessment

If you really want to change your life, instead of just talking about it, then this seven book series is for you! Featuring an established course which has assisted hundreds of people to move from a mundane or miserable life existence to an exceptional life experience and to attain their highest and happiest potential, and now it can do the same for you!

What can this amazing course do for you? Look at the questions below and answer them, then look at the end, and you will have this question answered.

Are you working really very hard in the hopes of a breakthrough, but it just never seems to come?

Are you hoping that the heavens will open and good fortune will begin pouring out upon your head – miraculously… by magic, or by some method that you have not yet discovered?

Are you unhappy within yourself (even if you show the world a brave/courageous face)?

Are you very sad about something… maybe that you have lost someone close through death, or an illness has struck you, or because nothing seems to work for you, or maybe you’ve just lost everything you own?

Are you terminally ill… or suffering from some ‘incurable’ disease?

Have you lost your job, and just can’t seem to find another one?

Are you lonely… perhaps unable to find that love of your life?

Are you angry… perhaps because of something that’s happened to you, or through something that someone did to you?

Are you afraid of the future?

Are you not making headway in life?

Do you find people don’t show you respect or appreciation?


Are you trying so very hard, but nothing seems to come right for you?


Do you feel lost or without direction… perhaps don’t have any drive, enthusiasm or see the point?

Do you think you have no talents or worth?

Do you think that others are better or cleverer than you?

Do you find you are always fighting or bickering with your loved ones, and/or others?

Do people pick on you and find fault with you all the time?

Do you not have enough money… or does the money that comes to you seem to go out faster than it comes in?

Is life a struggle? Do you always have to battle to get anything or anywhere?

Do you hate your life for one reason or another?

Do you find yourself trapped in a situation that seems like there is no way out?

Are you addicted to alcohol or drugs and can’t seem to stop?

Do you find yourself doing something you hate, over and over again and feel unable to stop?

Do you find yourself doing things you know are wrong, but can’t seem to help yourself… when you look again, you’ve done it again… or know that while you are doing it, that you shouldn’t, but keep on going anyway?

Do you find yourself unable to get people to like you?

Do you find you don’t have the courage to say or do anything different from what you think is safe?

Do you ever feel like committing suicide, or that life is just not worth living?

If your answer to any one of the above questions is 'Yes', then this course is very definitely your answer!

Every person gets at least one chance in life - this may be your only one - grab it and work it!

Break free and live your life fully!

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