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Why Women Are The True Players

By Alphamale Publishing
Many men today fail to realize that they will never begin to understand a true

woman. A woman is like a duck; smooth

and unruffled on top of water, but paddling furiously underneath. You will not see her troubles; they will

never alter her smooth ways. She is, and

always will be, the creator of life itself.

Most of us know and understand that God Himself is the only Creator; but

He gave woman the power to create life.

If one thinks long and hard, he will sometimes think that God is a woman

or that God has a woman very nearby. The women of our world are the true players

in this life. Woman has so many gifts

that if man tried to compare or count them, the knowledge revealed would let

him know it’s in her favor. I say this with the utmost respect: a woman can be

a bitch, a slut, a whore, or a tramp - but keep in mind she is still an

empress, a queen and a goddess. She and only she can be any of those things, at

any given time, because she has given birth to them. A man can not understand a

woman because he can barely understand himself. Woman can use man to divide and

conquer her prey, be it one man or a nation!

Remember this: Character is what

you are in the dark. Most men are still

in the dark about women so they only see the character she displays rather than

the character within her. To see them,

you will need to see the light

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