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WAR: Disruption (Book 1)

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He’s been trained for war, but nothing prepared him for love.

Max Lansing is convinced someone deep inside the military is protecting an international arms dealer. Every time they get close, the target slips through their fingers. Desperate to catch the man who almost killed his brother, Max strikes out on his own to protect his old black ops team, but quickly finds himself under fire from every direction. 

Because of his choices, a group of American dancers gets caught in the crosshairs and blood is shed. Max grabs the sole survivor, and runs.

Former prima ballerina Emily Iwasaki was promised her trip to West Africa to help raise awareness for war orphans would be safe. In a flurry of gunfire, everyone around her is killed and she finds herself on the run with a stranger she’s not sure she can trust, but the sizzling chemistry between them can’t be denied. 

Stakes are raised. A weapon of mass destruction must be recovered. Max has no choice but to work with Emily or thousands more innocents will die. In the midst of the jungle, with rebels hot on their heels, a costly mistake leaves Emily in danger and alone. Max will do anything to save the woman he now loves, even walk away from the vengeance he promised his brother.

If you like edge-of-your-seat action, strong heroes and heroines who are pushed to their physical and moral limits, and an international setting, then you’ll love the first book in Vanessa Kier’s action-packed romantic thriller series, WAR. 

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