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WAR: Intrusion (Book 2)

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He’s trained to kill. She’s trained to heal. Their definitions of right and wrong are about to be challenged.

WAR team leader Lachlan MacKay has tracked smuggled weapons to a West African clinic and his number one suspect is the doctor running it. 

His first problem. He doesn’t trust doctors. His second problem. He’s really attracted to this doctor. But he’s determined to ferret out the truth before more innocent lives are lost.

In a remote corner of war-torn West Africa, trauma surgeon Dr. Helen Kirk is desperate to leave her past behind her. After months spent repairing her reputation, she’s one step from returning to the hospital work she loves. 

When Lachlan MacKay shows up at her clinic digging for secrets, Helen finds herself drawn into the middle of a deadly plot intended to destroy the community she loves so dearly. 

Faced with imminent death, Helen and Lachlan must decide if their beliefs are worth dying for… or if their love is worth living for.

If you like dark, gritty, edge-of-your-seat action, strong heroes and heroines who are pushed to their physical and moral limits, and an international setting, then you’ll love the second book in Vanessa Kier’s romantic thriller series, WAR. 

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