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Balmy Darlings and Deaths (Raina Sun Mystery #4)

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Balmy weather in store… with a chance of death.

Raina Sun is cashing in a gift certificate for a free hairstyle from the town’s premier beauty salon and day spa. No more walking dandelion head, thank you very much. Life is on the up-and-up—until she finds an attacker holding her best friend in a headlock outside the treatment rooms.

She never thought she would spend her birthday pinned against a rice paper screen, gagging on a mouthful of seaweed, with the attacker plucking at her best friend’s weave like a farmwife de-feathering a chicken.

The storm is far from over. When the attacker ends up six feet under, her best friend becomes the prime suspect. Raina summons her sleuthing skills to jump full-tilt into this murder investigation to clear her best friend’s name. With her stink-bomb-toting grandma and the geriatric posse, she soon discovers death is easy, and it’s the living that kills to protect the dead.

Don't miss another fast-paced cozy mystery--get your copy of Balmy Darlings and Deaths today!

For readers who like fun cozy mysteries, quirky characters, Chinese culture, and a dash of humor.
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