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Shifting Power - Dark Empire #4

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The only thing that never changes is that everything changes.

A sinister dark web niche for bored rich people with a depraved need to watch sexual decadences have put their money into a project to give them just that. High-end entertainment with lots of violence and lots of sex.
The gladiators have three things in common: They’ve been kidnapped, pumped full of drugs to enhance their strength and stamina, and nobody would ever miss them. Except Duncan, who ended up strapped to a lab table as a result of mixed identities.

To save his life’s work, Dr. Malcom shares everything he knows with the man who holds it all in the palm of his hand. He even submits fully to let the man know what power he holds.
For someone not having learned what Dr. Malcom did while fighting to become the doctor he is today, power can be dangerous, and Dr. Malcom will once again do anything to make sure his dream survives.
But the rich people who want their entertainment aren’t too thrilled at Dr. Malcom dropping the ball, and one of them takes drastic measures to ensure his investment in the Dark Empire.

Duncan and Axel are slowly settling into a life with a bleak future compared to what they’d planned. No one knows what the future holds for them, so they decide to build a new one. One that revolves around the doctor who made Duncan into an incubus. If anyone can save Duncan and Axel’s future, it’s him. Having to go to extreme measures just for the hope of that to be possible is a price they’re willing to pay for love. But that price isn’t simple or pretty, and their world view continues to be challenged as the doctor’s true nature is revealed.

Their enemy isn’t who they thought.
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