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A Nightmare for Your Dream - Dark Empire #3

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All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come. ~Victor Hugo

When Robert was but a small child, he saw how sickness tore apart his family—either from the disease itself or by the sorrow and financial burden of the US Healthcare System.
Left with nothing as a ward of the State, Robert found what would ultimately shape his life—the innate desire to cure what had killed his sisters and destroyed his family.

As Robert grew older, that goal intensified to a point where selling the use of his body to save up for tuition seemed like a good idea.

But one man’s bid outweighed everyone else’s. He’d trade Robert the means to fulfilling his dream. All Robert had to do was to willingly submit to a nightmare.

For the time it would take the 19-year-old man to become a doctor, he’d live with the old man and service ever depraved need demanded of his body. With his eye on the ball, Robert accepts, but with his eye on the ball, Robert doesn’t see that more than his body is being used and shaped to fulfill the old man’s wants and needs.
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