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Basement Sex Doll - Lexie Renard Erotica

Trish donates her body to a secret sex club to earn money for university, and is thrilled at the thought of being used as a sex toy, even though she won't remember. Richard is a businessman who wants to get in touch with his primal, sexual side. In the centre of downtown Toronto, there are sex dolls in the basement, waiting in stasis for you...
She crawled a few feet toward him. “I am your play toy,” she purred in a low voice. “Do you like your toy?”

Richard just stared. She was exquisite. "You are a lovely toy,” he said, trying to sound authoritative so as not to show his nervousness. “Stand up and come kiss me now.”

Her face lit up with joy as she sprang toward him, throwing her arms around him and kissing him passionately. “I belong to you,” she murmured while not stopping the kiss. “What may I do for you?” As she cuddled in tighter, pressing her firm breasts against him, his cock did not take long to stand at full attention.

She pulled back and smiled widely. “Your penis says hello! It wants me. I know.” She dropped to her knees and engulfed his thick, eight inch member completely, working those beautiful lips down to the base of his shaft. Her hands gently massaged his balls, and stroked his ass and thighs.

His senses were overwhelmed, and the tension was building. He tried to slow himself down, but it was all too much. His own lusty jungle girl who wanted nothing else in the world but to be his little fuck dolly. It was completely filthy, wrong, to be having his way with such a gorgeous young girl. He pulled her hair hard as he drove his shaft into her ferociously.

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