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Hugi Term SLC Crutching Through the Park and Trying On a Cast Shoot

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Hugi crutches into the park on a beautiful sunny day but after a few weeks on them her underarms are hurting and she waits on a bench for her friend while curling her toes (closeups). Her friend comes to her aid with a cast shoe. Hugi tries it on for size but her foot is still tired and she rests it on her her crutch (more closeups) Then they get up and Hugi decides to continue using crutches while her friend takes care of an errand. Hugi crutches off and through the park where she will meet her friend with the cast boot later in the day. (This is an extended version 20 minute clip with Hugi testing the cast shoe and more crutching as well).

LENGTH: 20 Mins

SIZE: 681 Mb


RESOLUTION: 1920x1080

DATE: 06/19/23

You will get a MP4 (882MB) file

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