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Biblical Spiritual Warfare Manual

By Rev Thomas Holm
The "Biblical Spiritual Warfare Manual" was written specifically for the days that we live in. It is the Spiritual Overcomer’s handbook for today.

Jesus told us in Matthew 24 that "he who endures to the end, the same shall be kept safe". In the original language, "endures means "to keep ones faith". The evil one and all his workers are the main enemy of our faith today. With the "Biblical Spiritual Warfare Manual" you will learn how to maintain and grow your faith and keep the enemy from defeating you.

Jesus gives us the tools to help us walk each day under the power of His protection. When we learn these teachings and actually apply them, miraculous movements of God start happening in our life. This book was written to fill the void between the great teachings contained in the bible and what we are being taught in church.

You don't have to suffer any longer.

If the evil actions and words of other people or the world are bothering or overwhelming you……Rejoice! You need not Fear or be tormented any longer. The Biblical Spiritual Warfare Manual was written just for you! It contains the solutions.

If the violence in today’s society is scaring or threatening you, I encourage you to get this teaching. Through your prayers evil people can be neutralized.

Do you know how to pray over your car to keep it and you out of an accident?
Do you know how to pray over your child to keep them safe when they are out?
Have you been taught the correct prayer to rid yourself or loved ones that are having crazy thoughts?
Do you possess the prayer tools to remove the cause of most nightmares from your loved ones?
Do you know the prayer that will instantly calm down any agitated person?

Here is a big one. Have you been taught how to pray over your family, yourself and your home to protect it after the lights are turned off? How to protect it from all evil?

The answers to all the above questions and many more are contained in the “Biblical Spiritual Warfare Manual”.

It is loaded with bible studies and easy to follow instructions on spiritual warfare and this book contains proven prayers that will help you to claim any lost ground from the evil one and be an Overcomer.

The Biblical Spiritual Warfare Manual features complete studies on Deliverance and the biblical instructions for Spiritual Warfare, along with proven prayers. It includes the biblical references for pleading “The Blood of Jesus” for personal and family protection and a thorough teaching on the prayers and techniques to use for Deliverance.

Every Christian should have a copy of this resource in their possession, for just that time when you will surely need it. I encourage you to not depend on the internet being available when all hell is breaking loose. The internet, as we know it, may be going away.

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