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The Saga of Tarod the Nine-Fingered Volume 1 (epub)

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Explore the thrilling legend of Tarod the Nine-Fingered, a young man whose extraordinary triumphs in the tournament of King Damen of the peaceful country of Minnea propels him into a life of adventure, danger, and excitement. When the king and queen are murdered on the night of Tarod's victory celebration, Tarod must find the murderer and bring him to justice. After succeeding King Damen to the throne of Minnea, Tarod must battle the wizard Selith and his own boredom as he tries to learn to govern a civilized nation. But when Tarod's life is in danger, he must escape with his life and weapons and little else, finding unexpected sanctuary in the home of an enemy's son. His quest to save the victims of his follies leads him to the ancient city of Eun Sarns, where he must face horrors beyond his imagination. Later, when Tarod kills a poet and is sentenced to hang, he meets new friends in prison who have a plan to escape, and he must face the ultimate danger from Bolkar the Death Merchant, a bounty hunter who never brings anyone back alive.

If you enjoyed the epic adventure of The Lord of the Rings, you're sure to love the thrilling tale of Tarod the Nine-Fingered.

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