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Carom Billiards: Cushion First Patterns

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There are a set of cue ball pattern shots that are fascinating. These are the shots where the cue ball goes into one or more cushions before contacting the first object ball. These are most common when the two object balls are close together. The player sends the cue ball into three cushions first. But there are many variations including one cushion first and two cushions first.

This book assembles large variety of these types of shots. For each shot, there are two table layouts. The first is the ball positions on the table. The second is how the pro player made the point.

There are two ways you can use these examples.

First - as a mental exercise. Study the ball layout and the ball paths to determine how the shot was played.

Second - as a table exercise. Set the balls up in the positions. Try to duplicate the shot. It may take only a few attempts, or a lot before you learn how to consistently score the point. You will do a lot of experimentation with different speeds and spins.

The result will be a better understanding on how to play similar shots during your competitions. Enjoy the learning process and good luck!!

Also available in Print (Amazon).

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