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Greetings to all! I am ready to present you my new Editing Pack! 📦 Donya Pack 4 📦 is an assembly of the content that I personally always use, below I will list its content.
Price: [$35]
Version And Software: [After Effects 2020+]
Overlays and Footages: [500+]
Sound Effects (SFX): [25 000]
Presets: [300+]
Color Correction: [25]
Set of Textures: [500+]
[I also added a lot of different bonuses there, so hurry up to check it out]
Total weight of the Pack: [50GB]
If you want to buy it you must write my in Discord and i will give you links for download: Donya#9012
You will get the following files:
  • AEP (34MB)
  • AEP (32MB)
  • RAR (4GB)
  • RAR (4GB)
  • RAR (4GB)
  • RAR (4GB)
  • RAR (4GB)
  • RAR (4GB)
  • RAR (4GB)
  • RAR (2GB)
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