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Life and Sentience

Let’s take a journey together, all of us, back to the start of our sun igniting when all the energy of what became physical life on Earth started to be released, as hydrogen melted and burned.

Previous Life and Sentience came rushing through the sun under great pressure igniting the sun, releasing its energy, and Sentience then started to stream away from the sun in all directions.

Visualise yourself there at this beginning, each and every one of us, everything that will become physical life, unified and undivided with nothing between us, about to embark on a fantastic journey leading to life on Earth.

At tremendous speeds, as the sun ignites, its energy explodes outwards taking us all with it across the void of space, visualise the beautiful desolation we hurtle through towards Earth — the most beautiful sight in the universe beyond all words — except one...


The sun burns and produces energy by burning hydrogen which leads to physical life on Earth, but it also receives Life and Sentience from another universe, the one just before this one.

The previous universe ran its course with its energies spreading out from its suns until the suns of that universe ran out of fuel and it went dark.

The  physical  laws  of  that  preceding  universe  were  slightly  different from this one and the Life and Sentience there adapted over billions of years to function under those laws.

The physical laws of our universe being slightly different meant that, as Life and Sentience passed through into this universe from the previous one, it was unable to have an effect on dense matter here for billions of years until it adapted by absorbing a lot of the Life and Sentience of this universe.

There are two types of Life and Sentience — the type that came from a previous universe and the type that originated in this universe.

The previous universe to this one is virtually the same as this one with billions of stars and a solar system like ours, except its physical laws were slightly different and that universe has now come to the end of its cycle.

During  that  cycle  much  of  its  energy  joined  with  the  Life  of  that universe which had joined with the Life from the previous universe as every universe has a universe that precedes it.

The Life and Sentience being described here isn’t the physical life of that universe, but what’s left when the physical life passes away.

Then  the  Life  and  Sentience  from  the  solar  system  in  the  previous universe, passed from that universe through our sun into this universe.

The  passing  of  Life  and  Sentience  ignited  our  sun  so  it  started  to produce energy which would lead to Life and Sentience here as well when it made contact with dense matter, but this Life and Sentience being part of this universe could affect and use dense matter in this universe right from the start to form physical life on Earth.

It’s actually the Life from the previous universe that ignited our sun by passing through it, producing a kind of friction and is the origin of friction in this universe.

Sentience doesn’t ignite suns when passing through them as it produces no  friction,  although  the  Sentience  from  our  sun  in  this  universe  is released from hydrogen as it burns and spreads out through space over vast distances.

The two forms of Life are: Preceding Life from the past universe and Present Life from this one and they will be referred to in that way from now on.

The two forms of Sentience, one from the previous universe and one from this one will be looked at further on.

The Present Life of this universe will be made up of all the energies that our  sun  produces  through  burning,  once  those  energies  come  into contact with dense matter.

Life is more than energy, although it’s made up of energies, and neither is it a force or power, so in this book it’s just called Life, either Previous Life from the last universe or Present Life from this one.

When the energy produced from our sun’s hydrogen burning leaves the sun it isn’t yet able to form Present Life as the energy needs to make contact and fuse with dense matter, as opposed to gasses, for Present Life to come into existence transforming 2D lifeless matter into a 3D substance with meaning.

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