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GET Superfood Shakes : How To Go Beyond Smoothies to Craft Whole Food Super Shakes to Enhance Natural Immunity, Strength, and Beauty

How About Some Ice Cream for Dinner?

Before you throw another frozen meal in the microwave, or order your favorite greasy Chinese food, or swing through the drive-thru on the way home from work, stop! How would you like to have a milkshake for dinner instead? Yeah, but that’s probably not healthy, right? At least with your TV dinner you have a pathetic pile of mushy mashed potatoes. Those are a vegetable, right? Man, on second thought, a milkshake is sounding pretty good right about now…

Go Beyond Smoothies

What if you could have all of the flavor of a milkshake—the cool creaminess, the sweetness, the richness—and feel a bit smug, knowing your milkshake was made with the finest ingredients on earth? Think it can’t be done? You may be familiar with the concept of a smoothie. Sounds pretty healthy (and a little boring), doesn’t it? Some fruit, maybe some greens, maybe some yogurt. Snooze. It’s time to ditch those old-fashioned smoothie ideas and move over to the new world of blended beverages: superfood shakes.

Dust Off Your Blender and Make Yourself a Meal

With Superfood Shakes, author John Schott is here to revolutionize your kitchen. Schott wants your food to taste good, plain and simple, and he’s a fellow chocolate lover, too! The combinations of ingredients in this book come together to bring you the highest quality nutrition paired with the most delicious, mouth-watering flavors. Peaches and cream, mocha, creamsicle—your favorite milkshake flavors with a superfood kick. All you need for dinner is a blender and five minutes. You’ll feel like you’re in a futuristic shake shop where all the ingredients add up to energy, health, and vitality.

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