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Blood Red Moon

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Out of the ashes, a new beginning...

When his family and most of their kind were destroyed by the Guild invasion, Derek inherited the position of Vampire Lord. Their utopian society crushed, the Guild set out to unlock the powerful secrets phoenixes possess. Lovers Derek and Avani met the night their city was sacked and after the city succumbed, they were lost to each other.

Love will be resurrected in blood and fire…

Having lost her memory, Avani became a protégé of the Guild Master, conditioned by magic to believe vampires were evil. When Derek finds Avani, he neutralizes the magic that's kept her from remembering who she is.

But the Guild Master still desires to possess the secrets of the phoenixes. And he is determined to reclaim the one person who can give him what he's been searching for. Only Avani's surrender will keep him from destroying her new world - at the price of separating her from Derek forever.
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