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About Me

My Romantic Fantasy, Science Fiction & Paranormal Romance stories include suspense, a bit of mystery and a lot of romantic heat.


I'm the author of multiple novels and my short stories have won awards from the Philadelphia Writers’ Conference and have been published in US1 Magazine and the Sun.

What you’ll find from me is:

Romantic Fantasy and Romantic Futuristic (Worlds of Fire Series, Hathor Legacy series)

Paranormal Romance: Family Pride lion shifter series.

Fantasy Romance (fairy-tale style): Once Upon A Princess series, The Changeling and the Wolf King (a short story coming soon).

What do they all have in common? Romance is always going to be in the mix (steamy and extra spicy).

If you like Speculative Fiction, check out my short story anthology: Electric Dreams: Seven Futuristic Tales.


In addition to my fiction (and non-fiction) writing, I've presented writing workshops for organizations and conferences.