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Fiction/ War/ Romance

The year was 1885. The Spanish government in the Philippines was threatened by insurgencies all throughout the nation. Gobernadorcillos had faced oppositions and resistance from the masses. There was growing anger amongst the people due to rampant violence and improper taxation imposed upon Filipinos which cause the rise of nationalistic spirit.

Anna Isabel Iglesias and her family were Insulares, Spanish born in the Philippines. Her father Don Abel Iglesias just lost his shipping business due to a tragedy at sea. He suffered for the loss of his beloved company. It resulted to a sudden change in their lifestyle. Anna Isabel and her family found themselves with no money, no house and no relatives to help them. The Iglesias family suffered from dire poverty. Having no choice but to flee Cebu and seek for a better life in another place, they moved to Cavite with nothing but a hope to start a new.

 Juan Rodrigo Escudero was a dashing young man and a student attending San Juan de Letran. He and Anna Isabel Iglesias met and fell in love in the historic place of Intramuros. His idealism and fervent belief in justice drew him to a secret organization called the Katipunan. Amidst the ongoing conflict, the two lovers fought hard to keep their relationship on an even keel.

 With their financial situation on downfall, Anna Isabel Iglesias decided to work as a Tesorera in the Governor's Office to support her studies. In there, she juggled her work, studies and relationship. Her time as a Tesorera later became the inspiration of her fourth novel that stapled her as one of the best novelist in the world.

 The Manuscript is a novella. It is about a journey of a young woman who fought greatly in life and surpassed poverty, heartache and even death.
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