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This is the prequel of The Swordsman and focuses mainly on the female heroine and how she fight for love and overcome adversities in her life. 

​Her name was Akira 'Amira' Kurosawa. She was a normal young girl, naive until love came to her life and made her feel that she deserved more than what life was giving her. She always believed that life was beautiful but life always found a way to prove her wrong. She took life by the neck and demanded for more. This is a story of a girl who was betrayed, raped and lost a child. This is a story of a woman, a survivor who transformed her unfortunate destiny and turned it into a blessing to others that touched the lives of so many. This is a story of a girl who made a boy, a man and taught him how to fully love a woman.

​The man who captured her heart knew that to love her, he must go through hell and back to life.  Harata "Egan' Hikaru didn't hesitate for once. He was, after all his own man. When Egan decided to choose her against all odds, he didn't realize how much of his life would cost him. Egan left his legacy and his name in order to pursue a woman that he thought would complete him.

Together, they fell in love and fought to stay together. Life took a drastic turn when Akira was kidnapped and raped by unknown men. She miraculously survived the ordeal but was left with a wound that even love couldn't heal. Akira knew that she must deal with her issues once and for all so she decided to put justice into her own hands. Once succeeded, Akira thought she could go back to the life that she once had but fate called her to pursue a different path-- a path of a samurai woman.

​Akira started it all. She inspired Egan to live a life of purpose. With a help of a friend, Egan built a new training camp for those who wanted to learn the art of sword fighting. Egan did not realize that he would later become the Master of an elite and secret organization called the Roikuh samurais.
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