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Healing Rituals: Making up for what you missed out on

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Making up for what you missed out on

How can you do that?

"You can always make up for everything"

This was the motto of GodeLiva Uleners, a Belgian children's author and psychotherapist. In this ebook we apply this idea to different situations:

young people who missed out on unique moments and special opportunities due to the pandemic
nurturing and supportive experiences we missed out on as children
people who struggle with 'delayed' or 'unresolved' grief

In the ebook you'll discover:

an alternative graduation ceremony
a mourning ritual for youngsters
a sacred week to catch up with developmental deficiencies
a self-blessing ritual
a ritual walk of consolation and hope
several farewell rituals
a joyful morning ritual

This ebook offers you insights, stories and rituals to work with when you want to make up for experiences you missed out on. At the end we focus on making a fresh start and opening up again to all the beautiful, wonderful and fun experiences that life has to offer. 

For readers aged 18 to 188.

You will get a PDF (11MB) file
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