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GRATIS DOWNOAD Mini-Gids Ceremonies & Rituelen creëren voor jezelf, je familie of je omgeving


FREE DOWNLOAD The RItual Blueprint: A practical mini guide


Healing Rituals: Making up for what you missed out on


Helende Rituelen: Van Gemis naar Herstel


About Me

For almost 30 years now I’ve been passionate about ceremonies and rituals. They have been pivotal in my own personal journey.

As an author, I wrote several books about the power of ritual and gave many presentations and workshops

As a celebrant I design weddings and funerals. I also offer ritual coaching sessions online.

As an integrative therapist I offer a professional, safe and accepting environment, while using an attachment-based approach that benefits your personal life and your relationships. I'm available for online therapy sessions in English and Dutch.

Do you want to know more or do you like to have a chat to get to know each other better?

Contact me via and 

we''ll schedule a meeting!

Aroha nui, lots of love,