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House Arturo Series. Arturo. Part 1.


WARNING: Explicit Sex. If your looking for a fantasy vampire romance thats hot and dirty, you just found it !

This is a Vampire romance. Part 1 of 2.

Arturo was born into a world of hunger and pain. For over 700 years he lived with the knowledge that he was no longer human. Fleeing persecution and loss he made his way to the New World. The first of his kind to arrive. For 300 years, the leader for his clan. Yet, he has been alone. Unwilling to mate a human once more. No Vamp or human giving rise to his temptations. Until her.... Inexplicably drawn to her. He has never wanted something, someone, so much as he does her. He will have to fight to own her. Fight harder to keep her.

Regin was born of lightning. She was born dead. The goddess Freyja having taken pity on the babe in the battle to be born. Regin never understood why. Had no reason to believe in a purpose in Freyja actions, or why the Fates took a hand. But there was no doubt she had gifted Regin on her rebirth. She had given her, the abilities of a shield maiden. The ability to fight. And Regin used it to good effect.

A surprise encounter brings all that she knows into question. All that she is. All that she can be. It brings changes to her life she could never have foreseen….. Or maybe Freyja had ….

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