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The Spirit Walker, Tessa Lamar Novels Book 4 - Audiobook

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Audiobook narrated by Holly Adams, delivered by Book Funnel.

Tessa Lamar is at it again.

She's ginormously pregnant, raising her ten-year-old psychic medium daughter, and is married to not one - but two - magical guys. Tessa is a smidge busy. Unfortunately, monsters don’t keep calendars.

While preparing for her great-grandmother’s birthday party, Tessa has a premonition someone she loves will die. In a world where everyone has a secret and dreams are more than they seem…

The question isn’t who…but what is coming for her family?

The Tessa Lamar Series should be listened to in order:

  • The Spirit Tree
  • Twelve Spirits of Christmas
  • The Spirit Child
  • The Spirit Walker
  • The Spirit Dancer
You will get a TXT (674B) file