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The Spirit Dancer, Tessa Lamar Novels Book 5 - Audiobook

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Audiobook narrated by Holly Adams, delivered by Book Funnel.

My great-grandmother always said, “The good Lord won’t give you more than you can handle.” If that’s the case, the big guy upstairs must think I’m a freaking superhero.

My hands were already full with two great guys, a daughter, and a brand-new baby. Not to mention, my job as a victim’s advocate and psychic medium for the Orange County Police Department. But evidently, the universe thought I needed more.

A lot more.

Namely, the brother I never knew I had, showing up and claiming our long-lost father was in grave danger, a series of murders that only I can solve, and enough family secrets to fill an entire season of the Jerry Springer Show.

I may be Fae, but everyone has their limits…

And I’ve reached mine.

It’s time to put on the red cape and kick some serious butt, because no one messes with my family and gets away with it.

The Tessa Lamar Series should be listened to in order:

  • The Spirit Tree
  • Twelve Spirits of Christmas
  • The Spirit Child
  • The Spirit Walker
  • The Spirit Dancer

You will get a TXT (674B) file