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Work In Progress - The Second Battle of Adobe Walls

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I am working on a brief What a Cowboy campaign that covers the Second Battle of Adobe Walls. This was a large battle in the Texas panhandle between a small group of Buffalo Hunters and a combined Indian force of some 700 to 1000 mounted Kiowa, Comanche and Cheyenne warriors.

Angered by the mass kill off of the bison by the hunters, the Indians united under Chief Quanah Parker declared war on the hunters. The hunters had gathered at Adobe Walls and occupied a strong defensive position. The battle lasted several days before the hunters managed to break out. Among the defenders was Bat Masterson and famed sharpshooter Billy Dixon.

The campaign covers several historical scenarios including several skirmishes that occurred before the battle. The final battle is broken up into three separate actions. The scenarios call for a large number of mounted and a few dismounted Plains Indians.


This is a beta of the scenarios at this point. And is very much still under development. I am looking for help with playtesting the scenarios and getting some pictures of miniatures. At this point, my play testing is using proxies for the hunters and the Indians. There is at least one incomplete scenario that will be updated.

This could serve as a good basis for a Zulu War campaign as it would feature similar lopsided numbers.

Anyone who purchases the Beta will get the final version free.

You will get a PDF (398KB) file