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Galley, Galliot and Fusta


Scout Boats & Piraguas STL Files for 1/100th and 1/300th scale


War of Jenkin's Ear Beta Edition


The Campaign For Greece


Bahama Broadside Supplementary Material


Swamp Fox Eratta


The WWII East Front Bundle


The Second Kharkov Campaign


To Covet Glory - Modifications to Kiss Me Hardy for Ships Under the Rate


The French Coast


Pohick Church - August 18, 1861


Green Hill Tennessee - April 6, 1863


The Coming Thunder


First Flight - Spanish Civil War


Air War in the Western Desert June 41 to Nov 42


About Me

Hello, I am Chris Stoesen.  I have been making wargame scenarios for a number of years now.  I primarily focus on games from the TooFatLardies in the UK.  They provide excellent tool kits to build around.  I have a number of wargame scenarios availible.  These include WWII, American Civil War and a few others.  These are just the ones availible from me.  TooFatLardies has other scenario books I have written on thier website.  Look under IABSM, Sharp Practice and several Specials articles.

Always on the look out for what will next catch my imagination, keep checking in for new items.

Thanks for taking a look.