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War of Jenkin's Ear Complete

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This is a supplement for Sharp Practice 2 and Kiss Me Hardy using the To Covet Glory modifications.

What is it?
The scenario book has a historical overview of the War of Jenkin's Ear as it pertains to the actions in the British Colony of Georgia. It has addditional rule modifications to use with To Covet Glory.  It has some rule changes for Sharp Practice 2 for the period. A detailed order of battle for the Spanish invasion fleet and infantry forces. The orders of battle for the Georgia defenders as well as the Royal Navy and South Carolina Navies in the area. There is a campaign modeled after the supplement All At Sea from the 2013 TooFatLardies Christmas Special. Fourteen historical scenarios. An outline for a campaign dealing with the Spanish invasion of the Outer Banks of North Carolina in 1741. Some suggestions for additional scenarios from the time period, and instructions for assembling the Scout Boats, Piraguas, Fusta, Galliot and Galley 3d models.

It also comes with the STL files for 1/300th scale Scout Boats, Piraguas, Fusta (2 variants), Galliot (2 variants) and a Galley (2 variants). In 1/100th scale (15mm) there are STLs for the Scout Boat and Piragua. The Scout Boats and Piraguas are my creation. The Galley, Galliot and Fusta models are modification of the work by Tosostefanots on Thingiverse who made a model of a Genoese Galley that I used as the basis for these models. The link to his original creation is below. It is well worth checking out.

.The Galley/Galliot/Fusta models are based off of another person's work, specifically tosostefanots: - the Genoese Galley:
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (10MB)
  • STL (38KB)
  • STL (49KB)
  • STL (66KB)
  • STL (72KB)
  • STL (255KB)
  • STL (277KB)
  • STL (473KB)
  • STL (472KB)
  • STL (458KB)
  • STL (368KB)