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Instagram Ads Success: Your Ultimate Complete Guide In 2020

Limited Special Offer Instagram Ads Success


Topics covered:
Why Instagram Ads?
What are Instagram Ads?
Setting Goals and the Best Instagram Ad Format for your Business
Identifying your Target Audience
Content and Budget
Creating Instagram Ad Campaigns
Measuring the Performance of your Instagram Account
Great Tools for Your Instagram Ads
Best Practices for Successful Instagram Ads

Resource #1
Learn about the different objectives for Instagram Ads
Choose an objective for your Instagram Ad campaign from 1) Increasing brand awareness 2) Finding potential customers 3) Increasing sales or conversions
Learn about the five different types of Instagram Ads
Choose the right Instagram Ad type for each of your campaigns
Goal: Set a goal for each Instagram Ad campaign that aligns with your business goals

Resource #2
Think about your target audience core marketing persona e.g. female aged 18 to 30 living in the USA
Look at previous posts to see where your most engaged followers are from and what age and gender they are
Look at the followers of your competitors and identify key demographics from this
Decide on the interests and behaviors that you are looking for with your target audience
Goal: You need to decide which factors make up your audience so that you can target them with the right ad content
Resource #3
Look at the content that your competitor’s are posting and notice the voice and tone used
Check out the most popular posts from your competitors and identify the type of content used
Find out as much as you can about your target audience and specifically the problems that they have
Think of a unique hashtag which contains a relevant keyword that you can use in your ad campaign
Analyze cost per click costs for Instagram Ads and work out your budget
Find out the best days and times to post your Instagram Ads
Goal: You need to post the right content that will resonate with your target audience. You need to calculate and set a budget for your Instagram Ads and schedule them to display at the optimum times

Resource #4
Look at the different options with Facebook Ad Manager and Instagram Ad Manager
Use the information you gathered to create your target audience
Decide on the images and videos that you want to use in your ad and have these loaded in your gallery
Decide on the copy that you are going to use in your ad caption. This needs to be action orientated and enticing for the user
Do some research on hashtags and find the best ones for your niche
Look at the available call to action options for your chosen ad type and select the one that best meets your requirements
Goal: You need to be fully prepared to create your ad campaign

Resource #5
Learn about the key metrics that you need to measure the performance of your Instagram Ads and your Instagram account
Pay attention to your follower numbers and the growth of your following
Find out how many of your followers are engaging with your ads and posts
Find out what levels of traffic to your website you are achieving with your Instagram Ads
Find out the reach of your Instagram Ads
Identify your top performing ads and identify why they are the best
Find out how many clickthroughs you are getting from your Instagram Ads
Find out the engagement levels for the hashtags you are using
Goal: You need to measure the performance of all of your Instagram Ad campaigns so that you can leverage the successful ones and identify problems with those that were not successful

Resource #6
Research the external tools that can help you to make great Instagram Ads
Find good tools for easy image enhancement
Find good tools for easy video enhancement
Find good tools that will help you with scheduling
Goal: There are a number of good tools both free and paid that will assist you to create the very best Instagram Ads and schedule them for posting at the optimum times.

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