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Haunted Connections: A Collection of Ghost Stories

Ouija Board Playtime: 

It was Cassie’s 21st birthday and she had her friends over to celebrate her special day. Her friends had brought her a birthday cake, ice cream and lots of presents. They had been celebrating since the early evening. It was getting close to midnight now and Cassie and her friends were feeling a little buzzed from the wine coolers they had been drinking. 

Daryl had bought Cassie an Ouija Board for her birthday. Cassie had always wanted one, but had never gotten around to buying one for herself. She was excited when she had opened her gift from Daryl and saw the big black letters across the box. 

“Let’s play the Ouija Board!” Cassie said out loud excitedly to everyone. “I have never played it before, have any of you?” 

“I have.” Sarah said. 

“Great!” Cassie replied. “I’ll go get some candles to light.” She then got up and grabbed some candles from the kitchen and lit them all and placed them on the table. 

Then Cassie, Sarah, Daryl, Nick, Rachel and Tom all sat around the table as Sarah set up the board. “Ok, now everyone take the tips of your fingers and place them on the Ouija marker.” Sarah instructed them. They all placed their fingertips on the Ouija marker. 

“Ouija Board, Ouija Board, bring a spirit to us. Come to us spirit and communicate with us through the Ouija Board.” Sarah kept chanting over and over again. 

Then the marker landed on a “H”. “Oh it’s working!” Cassie said under breath. 

Then the marker landed on an “I”.

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