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No Sweeter Match (Harbor Falls Romance, #13)

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"Yowee! Sparks were flying from the very beginning and ya gotta love the combination of romance and chocolate."  Ashley, 5 Ravens, Blackraven Reviews

When master chocolate taster, Scott Matthews, escapes to Harbor Falls to visit his brother and sister-in-law, Brad and Suzie Hart Matthews, he has only one request--no talk about work, and that includes any discussion of chocolate. 

He knows Suzie is a celebrity chef and warns them away from any fanfare, or discussion of his professional work with the Italian-based, world-renowned chocolate company, Bianchi Chocolates. All he wants is an uneventful few weeks to get away from chaos and relax.

What Jillian Bass wants is to make a success of her new business in Harbor Falls. This Manhattan transplant really wants to make it big in the small southern town. Forget New York, she is starting over small with her chocolate shop, Bittersweets, and setting out to impress the locals. Start small, think big, is her motto. What she doesn't share is that chocolate runs in her veins, or that she has recently inherited her grandmother's famous chocolate business--Chocolates by Jeaneva. This time she is doing things on her own terms, without help or influence from family. Bittersweets is her baby and hers alone. It's time to prove herself.

All is fine until Jillian smacks straight into Scott outside of her shop, and he takes a whiff of her Belgian truffle... What follows is a flurry of spontaneous sexy encounters, a scandal, a couple of untruths, and a carefully orchestrated reunion by Suzie Hart guaranteed to result in no sweeter match than the one between Scott and Jillian.

Whether love comes with chocolate truffles, syrups, creams, or covered in sprinkles, this humorous and quirky story of dueling chocolatiers might leave you craving chocolate (and more!), all the while begging the question, "Is there anything better than chocolate?"

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