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Rawhide and Roses

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"This all boils down to one thing—cowboy lust, pure and simple."

She’s roses. Caving to her best friend’s crazy ideas is one thing, but Kim Martin knows she isn’t equipped for a two-week pack-horse trip into the Colorado mountains—especially with a rough-edged cowboy as their mountain guide. His outdoor style might jump-start some women’s libidos, but a city woman like Kim finds him—(almost? barely? definitely?) irresistible.

He’s rawhide. Thad Winchester’s patience for city women wears as thin as the seat of his jeans—but there is something about the plucky blonde that puts his hard-and-fast, don’t-touch rule, to the test. Kim Martin alternately aggravates and enchants him—but she might just be the woman he needs to share his Flying W. Ranch. If he can get past his rules and make the first move.

When things heat up between them, an argument sends Kim flying away from camp on her horse and into the wilds of the mountains. Alone. Can she navigate her way back to the camp? Will Thad find her? And if so, can they work out this push-pull magnetism between them to some sort of positive scenario?

This opposites attract, contemporary western romance novel will leave you wondering if these two characters will ever find a happy medium, not to mention their way permanently into each other’s arms.
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